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Toboggan runs on the Zugspitze

in summer & in winter

Tobogganing on the Zugspitze

The most important information at a glance

On the Zugspitze, there are toboggan runs for beginners, advanced and seasoned pros. Unique: The glacier toboggan runs can be used all year round if there is enough snow.

All information about the individual toboggan runs, equipment and toboggan hire at a glance.

Toboggan runs

Zugspitze plateau by bob sledge or wooden sledge

The toboggan runs on the Zugspitze can be used with bob sledges; however, wooden sledges are only allowed on selected runs. For safety reasons, tubes of all kinds are not allowed. Wooden sledges can be taken on the Zugspitze cable car, the Gletscherbahn cable car and the cogwheel train. Transporting wooden sledges on the chairlift is currently not possible. 

Children & families

Practice run and short toboggan run for beginners

The toboggan runs around Restaurant Sonnalpin are particularly suitable for families with children and tobogganing beginners. The restaurant also offers refreshments to be enjoyed after the winter sports fun.

Family toboggan run no. 1:
This run is a particularly good place to practise braking and steering the bob sledge or wooden sledge.

Start: behind Restaurant Sonnalpin
End: Zugspitze plateau

Family toboggan run no. 2 :
A short toboggan run for family members of all ages, where you can put what you have learned into practice

Start: behind Sonnenkar
End: Schneefernerkopflift valley station

Family toboggan run no. 3 / glacier trail:
This toboggan run for beginners leads along the glacier trail, starting at Restaurant Sonnalpin. The trail leads past “Maria Heimsuchung” chapel and the Iglu-Dorf Zugspitze. After reaching the hill near the Schneefernerkopflift, you can head downhill on a winding toboggan run.

Start: sundeck of Restaurant Sonnalpin
End: sundeck of Restaurant Sonnalpin

Refreshment stop: Restaurant Sonnalpin and Gletschergarten

Equipment: The three toboggan runs can be used with both bob sledges and larger wooden sledges. Both types of sledges can be rented from the ski hire shop on the Zugspitze plateau.

Experienced sledders

Challenging toboggan run for experienced tobogganing enthusiasts

The start of the Sonnenkar toboggan run is at Restaurant Sonnalpin, and the route leads you down into Weißes Tal. The Sonnenkar 6-seater chairlift takes you back to the start.

  • How to get there: cogwheel train or the Zugspitze & Gletscherbahn cable cars
  • Start: Restaurant Sonnalpin
  • End: Weißes Tal / Sonnenkar chairlift valley station
  • Refreshment stop: Restaurant Sonnalpin and Gletschergarten
  • Equipment: We recommend using bob sledges on the Sonnenkar toboggan run.

Tobogganing pros

Steep toboggan run for sledding pros

Seasoned tobogganing enthusiasts should give the Wetterwandeck run a try! It leads from the Wetterwandeck mountain station down to the chairlift station. The Wetterwandeck chairlift takes you back to the start.

  • How to get there: From Sonnalpin, the Sonnenkar toboggan run leads down to Weißes Tal. From there, take the Wetterwandeck chairlift to the mountain station.
  • Start: Wetterwandeck mountain station
  • End: Weißes Tal / Wetterwandeck chairlift station
  • Equipment: We recommend using bob sledges on the Wetterwandeck toboggan run


Information on rental and prices

The following equipment is available for hire from the Zugspitze ski hire shop:

  • bob sledges
  • wooden sledges
  • helmets

The rental point is located in the wooden hut on the sundeck of Restaurant Sonnalpin.

The combined price of a bob sledge or wooden sledge incl. helmet is EUR 18.50 per day.