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Ski touring info

Tours for beginners & pros

Ski touring info

Tours for beginners & pros

Beginners, advanced and experienced ski tourers can look forward to varied ski tours in the Garmisch-Classic ski area. On special ski touring evenings, one slope at a time is open for descent.

All information on ski touring in the Garmisch-Classic ski area as well as helpful tips and rules of conduct at a glance.

Ski touring evenings

From the Hausbergbahn valley station to selected huts

Ski tour evenings are offered every Tuesday and Thursday after dusk. Prerequisite: sufficient snow. On these evenings, selected huts are open and provide refreshments. 

January 29, 2024: Due to a lack of snow, the ascent route is now closed and the tour evenings will not take place until further notice.

The most important information at a glance:
  • When: every Tuesday and Thursday (depending on snow conditions from mid-January to the end of March), from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m
  • Start: valley station Hausbergbahn
  • Ascent: official ascent route at Hausberg (Tonihütte).
  • Restaurants: Drehmöser 9 (only on Thursdays), Kreuzalm, Kreuzeckhaus, Toni Hütte
  • Downhill slopes: For downhill skiing, the Horn descent (Slope 2) is open on tour evenings. From Kreuzeck, skiers can reach the Horn descent via the "Mittlerer Skiweg" (Slope 13) and the Kreuzwankl-Umfahrung (Slope 9). All other slopes are closed due to the preparation! Snow cats are on the move here, it is a risk of life to use these closed slopes.
  • Note: Lifts are closed at the ski touring evenings.

Ascent & descent

All routes

All ascent routes and descents are listed and can be viewed on the piste map.

Please note: Information on whether and when the designated ascent route from the Hausbergbahn valley station via Tonihütte and Hausberg to the Kreuzeckhaus is open is available in our live area.

Tickets & prices

Combination ticket for the Alpspitzbahn & Bernadeinlift

A popular ski tour is the one to the Stuibenhütte. All the necessary ascents are included in the touring ticket.

  • Parking: Alpspitzbahn valley station
  • Start: Bernadeinlift valley station
  • Destination: Stuibenhütte
  • Route: To get to the start, you first go up with the Alpspitzbahn cable car. From the mountain station you go to the valley station of the Bernadein lift via the Osterfelder and Bernadein slopes. This is where the ski tour to the Stuibenhütte starts.
    For the way back, you ski down to the valley station of the Bernadein lift and take it back to the ski area. Via the Olympia or Kandahar run you finally get back to the valley station of the Alpspitzbahn cable car.
  • Please note: The touring ticket is available at the Alpspitzbahn ticket office.
  • Tariffs winter 2023/24:
    • Adult € 25.50
    • Youth (16–18 years) € 20.50
    • Child (6–15 years) € 13.00 
    • During the high season € 1.50 more each (December 24th, 2023 – January 7th, 2024 and February 10th – 18th, 2024)

Helpful tips & rules of conduct

Please keep in mind the following when going ski touring

The right of free access to nature allows everyone to enter the Garmisch-Classic area for hiking, tobogganing and ski touring. However, certain rules apply to prevent accidents and minimise potential dangers. 

10 rules for ski touring on and near the slopes:

  1. Ascending and descending happens at your own risk and responsibility.
  2. Ascending is only permitted on the outer edge of the ski run. Important: Walk in single file instead of next to each other, and keep an eye on the skiers!
  3. Take special care when approaching crests, in narrow passages and on steep slopes, in icy terrain and when crossing ski runs.
  4. Do not enter closed ski runs! Follow local instructions and route guidelines.
  5. Exercise extreme caution if there is work being done on the slopes. There is a potential danger to life when cable winches are being used – the ski slopes are closed for safety reasons in this case.
  6. In the dark, we strongly recommend wearing reflective clothing and a switched-on headlamp. Freshly groomed ski runs should only be skied in the peripheral areas.
  7. Be aware of alpine dangers, especially avalanches! Do not go ski touring in areas where avalanche blasting can be expected!
  8. Only go ski touring in areas where there is sufficient snow! Avoid damage to plant life and the soil cover.
  9. Show consideration for the local wildlife! Particularly at dusk and in the dark, animals can be disturbed by the presence of winter sports enthusiasts. Dogs may not be brought onto ski runs.
  10. Regulations at car parks should be heeded and parking fees paid. If possible: Travel in an environmentally friendly way!

In this context, please also take note of the directive issued by the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Grainau.

[According to the 10 rules of the German Alpine Club]