AlpspiX viewing platform

Lofty adventure between the heavens and the Höllental

After the ascent on the Alpspitzbahn cable car, the next wow experience is just above the top station: the AlpspiX viewing platform gives visitors an incredible panoramic view from an eagle’s perspective so to speak – the steel platform does sit over a thousand-metre drop.

If you look closely from the valley you can just see something silver glinting on the Osterfelderkopf, where the X of the viewing platform marks the spot, drawing in curious mountain visitors. Just a few steps from the top station, the two steel beams project boldly out over the abyss. The 25-metre long platforms have glass panels at the end, wowing visitors with unrestricted wide and deep views of the Zugspitze, the Waxenstein, the mighty north face of the Alpspitze and far below into the untamed Höllental. The pristine mountain world feels within your reach, while the thrilling cocktail of respect and grandeur from the seemingly bottomless abyss really gets your adrenaline going. The AlpspiX not only promises unforgettable memories for children and less experienced visitors, as experienced summiteers are also often rendered speechless by the platform. 

Mountain experience for the whole family

Thanks to the convenient cable car, this incredible experience is truly open to everyone. And more good news: once you’ve spent plenty of time enjoying the vista from the AlpspiX, your mountain fun is still not over. People often like to combine a visit to the viewing platform with an easy walk. Against the beautiful backdrop of the Alpspitze there is the Summit Adventure Trail, for example, which takes you exploring around the Osterfelderkopf. The well-maintained, interactive Pleasure Adventure Trail is just as family-friendly, running from the top station of the Alpspitzbahn to the top station of the Kreuzeckbahn. 

The Garmisch-Classic Ticket is the right choice for all these options. It includes the journey up and down on the Alpspitzbahn or the entire round trip on the Alpspitzbahn, Hochalmbahn and Kreuzeckbahn. So you can combine the AlpspiX experience with other mountain adventures of your choice.