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The most important questions for your visit

Dear guests,


We are delighted to be able to welcome you once again as of 30th May 2020. To ensure you can enjoy a safe and relaxed visit, we have developed a comprehensive hygiene concept for our lifts and restaurants in consultation with the Association of German Ropeways, the Bavarian State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transport and the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Health Office.

In addition to all the precautions and steps taken by Bayerische Zugspitzbahn, the hygiene concept also relies on the personal responsibility and solidarity of our visitors. This includes following basic hygiene rules during visits, such as good hand hygiene and coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Our clear hygiene rules can be downloaded here in German and English. They are also displayed in all stations.

Please understand that there may be delays at ticket desks, the cable cars and in our restaurants due to the many precautions. An individual queuing concept has been developed for each of our lifts and stations, or there are defined routes and one-way systems to enable minimum distancing to be maintained.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with individual queries at any time by phone on +49 8821 7970 or by email at zugspitzbahn@zugspitze.de.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a pleasant stay in our mountain worlds.



Where do I have to wear a face covering?

All visitors to Bayerische Zugspitzbahn must wear a covering over their mouth and nose (scarf, cloth, makeshift mask) when inside all buildings, in waiting areas, restaurants (except at tables), and when travelling in the cable car cabins and on the cogwheel train. Pulled up t-shirts and jackets do not fulfil the purpose of a face covering and are not acceptable as a result.

I have a certificate showing I am exempt from wearing a face covering, but will I be able to travel on services operated by Bayerische Zugspitzbahn?

Face coverings are mandatory in all buildings, cable cars and trains operated by Bayerische Zugspitzbahn. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any exemptions in this regard as a result.

Are masks available locally if I have forgotten my own?

It is not currently possible to visit our lifts and restaurants without a face covering as described above. We ask that all guests bring their own face covering with them. If you have forgotten your mask, we do have a small selection of masks available to buy at our lifts and stations (only while stocks last).


All guests are asked to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people at all times. Please avoid forming groups. All guests older than 6 years must wear a suitable face covering in areas where it is not possible to maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 metres consistently (during travel on the cable cars and on the cogwheel train).

We have placed distancing markers in our buildings for guidance to make it easier for you.

Please maintain distancing of 1.5 metres in outdoor areas as well, where there are no explicit markers and where masks are also not required.


How many people are allowed per cable car / train?

Bayerische Zugspitzbahn has reduced capacity with the reopening of its lines. This reduction to around two thirds of regular capacity complies with the current hygiene concepts and guidelines from the Association of German Ropeways and the Bavarian State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transport. Our services are well ventilated during travel via roof hatches and windows. Contact surfaces (e.g handles) are regularly cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

Please note: delays are likely especially at peak times (weekends, holidays, good weather) due to this reduced capacity. We ask for your patience and understanding and recommend that you visit as early as possible on such days.

Are the cabins disinfected after each use?

All services and buildings are cleaned regularly in line with applicable regulations.

Where can I wash my hands?

Regular hand hygiene is very important. Soap for hand washing is provided in our toilet facilities.

Where can I find hand sanitiser?

In addition to hand washing facilities, sanitiser is provided at all our stations and at restaurant entrances.

What is the timetable for services?

Our regular timetables and opening hours apply since we reopened on 30th May 2020.

Our services run more frequently if required.


Can I only book tickets online or can they also be bought locally?

There is currently no requirement to buy tickets online in advance. You can easily buy tickets for our services locally (card payment preferred) or online from our web shop.

Please note that at the moment only the early train for the Zugspitze can be booked online.

Please note: due to the current situation, we reserve the right to stop selling tickets from a certain time if visitor numbers are particularly high. You can get the latest information about this in our News section on the website and locally via our info system. Tip: we recommend visiting early when the weather is good.

Can I reserve specific times or seats on the train?

No times or seats can be reserved on our cable cars or the cogwheel train.

Applicable principle: first come – first served.

Tip: we recommend visiting early when the weather is good.

Do I have to provide my contact details when I buy a ticket?

It is not currently necessary to leave your personal details to travel on our services. We do have to record data for guests in our restaurants. Our staff will do this for you before you enter our restaurants.

Are tickets time-limited?

There is no stipulated length of stay on the mountain. Our regular opening hours apply. Please note that there may be delays on the cable cars and in our restaurants due to the reduced transport capacities. Our staff on site will be happy to inform you about the current situation. If we have to stop selling tickets, we will announce this using our News section on the website and locally via our info system.

Is it easy for climbers to get a ticket?

Yes. Tickets for the trip back down the Zugspitze are available as usual from our shop on the ground floor of the summit station. Please note: climbers must also wear a face covering (scarf, cloth, makeshift mask) when entering our buildings and during travel on our services. Pulled up t-shirts and jackets do not fulfil the purpose of a face covering and are not acceptable as a result.


Are there restrictions on the number of people who can use the AlpspiX viewing platform?

No, there is currently no restriction. However, we reserve the right to block access to the platform temporarily on busy days and will inform you locally if you may have to wait.

Are there tours on the Zugspitze?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any tours of the glacier or technology on the Zugspitze at the moment.  Our summer sledging on the Zugspitz Plateau is open as normal.

Are buses also running to the Eibsee?

From 29th May 2020, bus services operated by Eibsee-Verkehrsgesellschaft have been running as timetabled to the Eibsee.


We have also created individual concepts and precautions for our restaurants on the basis of applicable regulations and requirements.  The Bavarian state government requires us to record all guest data. This happens before you enter our restaurants.  Our staff can tell you about this locally.

In order to make it easy to maintain minimum distancing, guests are required to follow a one-way system inside, and we have also placed distance markers.

Unfortunately, we are not currently taking table reservations because of this. Our staff will meet you at the entrance and then bring you to an empty table.  We have arranged the seating in our restaurants in line with current regulations. 

You must wear a face covering when you enter all restaurants.  You may only remove your face covering at the table.  You must put your face covering back on when you leave the table, e.g. to go to the toilet.  Unfortunately, we are not currently able to accept any exemptions to wearing a face covering.

Overview of individual restaurant rules:


Panorama 2962

Self-service once you have been seated by our staff at the restaurant entrance

Open during the operating hours of our transport services

Dallmayr Coffee Bar open all day

Additional take-away option on the summit terrace


Á-la-carte service once you have been seated by our staff at the restaurant entrance

Terrace and restaurant open


Only open in bad weather


Kandahar 2

Open daily from 10am–6pm from 30th May

Self-service with one-way system and extra-wide access



 Á-la-carte service once you have been seated by our staff at the restaurant entrance

Terrace and restaurant open