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Experience the diversity of the mountains – with season tickets from the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG. Do you enjoy skiing at the Zugspitze glacier ski resort? Are you a fan of cross-border winter sports and would also like to snowboard in Austria? Or the Garmisch-Classic ski area is your favourite terrain in both summer and winter? With season tickets from the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG, you can discover the mountains in all their multi-faceted glory. Regardless of summer or winter, just one region, or several mountains simultaneously; choose the product which suits you best. Winter Pass, Annual Pass, the Top Snow Card, Garmisch-Classic Summer Pass, or the Mount Wank Pass.

Season Pass


Valid for Ski and Hiking area Garmisch-Classic.



Winter Pass 2
winter season 2021/2022

Annual Pass
Adults 417,00 € 488,00 €
Youth (16–18 years) 243,00 € 279,00 €
Children (6–15 years) 178,00 € 214,00 €
Family discount Adults 3 417,00 € 488,00 €
Family discount Children (6–18 years) 3 105,00 € 122,00 €


Season Pass

Garmisch-Classic + Zugspitze

Valid for Ski and Hiking area Garmisch-Classic as well as Ski and Hiking area Zugspitze.



Winter Pass 2
winter season 2021/2022

Annual Pass
Adults 544,00 € 637,00 €
Youth (16–18 year) 403,00 € 463,00 €
Children (6–15 years) 272,00 € 318,00 €
Family disocunt Adult 3 544,00 € 637,00 €
Family discount Children (6–18 years) 3 180,00 € 211,00 €


Season Pass

Top Snow Card

Valid for Ski and Hiking area Garmisch-Classic + Ski and Hiking area Zugspitze + Lifts & Cable cars in Mittenwald, Ehrwald, Lermoos, Biberwier, Bichlbach, Berwang und Heiterwang.


  Winter Pass 2
winter season 2021/2022
Annual Pass
Adults 655,00 € 747,00 €
Youth (16–18 years) 464,00 € 527,00 €
Children (6–15 years) 327,00 € 373,00 €
Family discount Adult 3 655,00 € 747,00 €
Family discount Children (6–18 years) 3 262,00 € 299,00 €


Summer Pass


Valid for Hiking area Garmisch-Classic.
  Summer Pass 1, 4
Adults 222,00 €
Youth (16–18 years) 178,00 €
Children (6–15 years) 129,00 €
Family discount Adult 3 222,00 €
Family discount Children (6–18 years) 3 75,00 €


Mount Wank pass

Valid for Wankbahn cable car.


   Annual Pass Mount Wank 
Adults 149,00 €
Youth (16–18 years) 119,00 €
Children (6–15 years) 74,00 €

Conditions for season passes:


Mount Wank offers natural cinema in widescreen format. The Wankpass is a great option for fans of the panoramic mountain above Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is available during opening hours from the ticket desk for the Wankbahn and is valid from the day of purchase until the day before that in the following calendar year.

Passes for small children
Garmisch-Classic ski resort

Children under 6 years travel free when accompanied by a parent. Small children not accompanied by a parent require a valid travel pass. We offer two options if they’re going to be making multiple trips for ski lessons or similar:
The winter season pass for small children costs € 70.00.
The price for this pass is reduced to € 45.00 if one of the child’s parents has a valid season pass.
The passes for small children are available in the Garmisch-Classic resort when skiing opens for the 2021/22 season.


Season passes are only valid on the corresponding lifts for the purpose of winter sports and leisure activities. Season passes cannot be used for daily trips, e. g. for work, school, etc. Season passes are only valid in the valley from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Grainau if the cog railway is being used to get to one of our lift facilities. Please note that season passes do not include free use of our parking areas.

Buying season passes

If you already have a season pass keycard, please bring this with you to purchase your new pass. Otherwise, you can get your personal keycard for € 6.00 from our ticket desks. We need a current passport photo to issue your season pass. You can pay at all desks in cash, with EC card, Visa or Mastercard. Please take note of the ID requirement for families, children and young people!

Where to buy

Season and annual passes are available at all open ticket desks of Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG.

If you ever forget your season or annual pass, you can buy a reasonable day pass for the Garmisch-Classic or Zugspitze ski resorts from all ticket desks of Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG. ID required when buying passes. All prices are in €. Subject to correction and price alterations. All passes are non-transferable.

On purchase of a ticket passengers are bound by the General Conditions of Carriage, which are publicly displayed in all stations. The pass will be blocked immediately in the event of misuse. You cannot pay to convert the Garmisch-Classic summer pass to the winter or all-year pass. On purchase of a lift or ski pass, passengers accept that their personal data will be captured, stored, processed and used by the readers for control purposes and to prevent misuse of ski passes (photographs). The data is deleted in line with statutory requirements unless passes are being misused. No personal data is sold or given to third parties.



* Extract from the General conditions of transport of the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG, see also
§ 8 Entbindung von der Beförderungspflicht
Ereignisse höherer Gewalt z. B. Witterungsverhältnisse, Streik, Aussperrung, Betriebsstörungen oder unvorhersehbare Umstände, die die Sicherheit des Fahrbetriebes beeinträchtigen können, lassen die Beförderungspflicht um die Dauer der Behinderung und einer angemessenen Anlaufzeit verschieben oder wegen nicht behebbarer oder nicht zeitgerechter Behebung entfallen.
The right of transportion does also not apply in the case of official requirements, restrictions and prohibitions.


1 Valid from the end of the spring revision to the beginning of the autumn revision.

2 Valid for the duration of the ski operation.

3 Valid for joint purchases of season passes by at least one parent (adult price) and their own children (child in the family price).

4 Reduced prices due to the corona-related closure until May 20th, 2021.