Garmisch Ski-Ticket

Hit the slopes stress-free with no traffic jams

It is valid every day and for every regional train on the line from Munich central train station to the Garmisch-Partenkirchen train station.

Valid every day and for every regional train on the route from Munich main station to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the Garmisch Ski-Ticket offers an attractive alternative to traveling by car. Once there, you can conveniently board the cogwheel train to the Hausberg, Kreuzeck and Alpspitze cable cars or continue to the Zugspitze glacier ski area. The ski pass is already included in the price of the combination ticket and can be obtained directly at the Zugspitzbahnhof Garmisch-Partenkirchen or, if you have a direct connection to Hausberg, also at the cash desk of the Hausbergbahn cable car on presentation of your Garmisch Ski-Ticket.

Visitors who visit the Zugspitze without skis can also benefit from this combination ticket. In this case, instead of the ski pass, you will receive the Zugspitze ticket for the round trip.

The last day for the ticket is 03. April 2022 for the skiing area Garmisch-Classic and 01. May 2022 for Zugspitze.


Prices winter season 2021/2022


Children & Youth

6-18 years

DB train and ski pass for Garmisch-Classic ski resort

56,00 €

43,00 €

DB train and ski pass for Zugspitze ski resort or round trip ticket Zugspitze

62,00 €

47,00 €


Important information

The Garmisch Ski-Ticket is available from all DB (Deutsche Bahn) sales points, DB ticket machines and on the train direct, although this incurs a 10% surcharge fee. Whatever is superfluous to requirements on the ski piste can be safely stored away in a locker, for which a small fee is charged. For example, at Garmisch-Partenkirchen DB station, ski schools on Mount Hausberg as well as Zugspitzplatt Station on the glacier.