AlpspiX Viewing Platform

Between heaven and the Höllental valley

Just above the summit station of the Alpspitzbahn cable car, two steel beams form a floating X over a vertical drop of almost 1,000 metres. No later than when the glazed end of the 25 metre long bridge is reached, incredulous “Wow’s” are elicited from the lips of even hardened mountaineers and climbers as they take in the unrestricted wide and deep views of the snow covered Zugspitze, Waxensteine, gigantic Alpspitze north face and down to the untamed Höllental valley.

Winter world from an eagle’s perspective

This incredible experience can also be enjoyed by visitors during the winter season. Just follow the signs to the upper floor of the Alpspitzbahn cable car! Weather conditions may lead to temporary closures of the AlpspiX – prevailing conditions can always be found out on the daily weather forecast.