Current information for your visit


We ask all guests to observe the following information before visiting the Zugspitze or in the Garmisch-Classic area.

Why can there be long waiting times at the valley stations?

  • In the high season, especially during the holidays and on weekends, many visitors can generally have to expected in ski areas.
  • According to the current Corona rules (15th BayIfSMV), the maximum number of people in cable cars must be reduced:
    • Large cabins (Alpspitzbahn, Hochalmbahn, Zugspitze Cable car, Gletscherbahn): only 25% of the regular occupancy.
    • Small cabins (Hausberbahn, Kreuzeckbahn): 75% of the regular occupancy.
    • Chair lifts and T-bar lifts may be fully occupied (with FFP2 mask requirement).
  • 2G proofs and IDs of all guests must be checked at the valley stations.
    • Multi-day, season and annual pass holders are excluded. These only have to go once to the cash registers in order to link the 2G proof with the pass.
  • Traveling to Austria is currently not recommended or stricter conditions apply (high-risk area & entry only with additional PCR test or boosted). Many guests, especially families, cannot meet these requirements and accordingly come to the German areas.

What has to be considered?

  • Since the capacity in the cable cars has to be reduced, fewer visitors can be brought up to the mountain.
    • It is therefore possible, particularly on the Zugspitze on high season days, that the daily quotas have been exhausted and ticket sales have to be stopped.
    • In the Garmisch-Classic area, tickets are usually available at the on-site cash desks. But to guarantee transport, tickets can also be purchased online in advance .
  • Tip: Buy tickets in advance! There are still waiting times, but transport is guaranteed even if ticket sales are stopped on site!
    Tickets can be bought in the webshop 3 days in advance at the earliest. The sale stops at 8 p.m. the evening before. In any case, an online ticket still has to be exchanged at the cash desk, where the 2G proof is also checked. Accordingly, there are waiting times with an online ticket, but transport is guaranteed even if ticket sales are stopped on site!
  • Multi-day, season and annual pass holders are always transported, even if ticket sales on site are stopped!
    • Season ticket holders only have to present their 2G proof once at the cash register in order to link it to the pass and activated this.
    • Due to the limited capacity of the cable cars, there may still be waiting times at the valley stations.

In the live information you will find important information and news about the open facilities, parking spaces, opening times, etc.

Thank you for your patience - despite all the challenges, we wish you a great day of skiing with us on the slopes!
Your team of the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn