Pleasure Adventure Trail

Journey of discovery for the senses

Young and old can easily keep pace here: The almost three kilometre long Pleasure Adventure Trail meanders gently from the top station of the Alpspitzbahn lifts to the top station of the Kreuzeckbahn lifts. 
The first highpoint is already waiting, in the form of the AlpspiX viewing platform. After that, 18 child friendly stations along the well maintained trail bring the “Stone Kingdom” of the giants in the alpine peaks to life. Little mountain lovers can stand in the giant’s footprints, sniff the scent of the mountains and feel like a real giant on the throne of stone. Sunny spots, relaxing loungers and swings invite you to linger - and you can even unearth a hidden treasure at the end of the Pleasure Adventure Trail!

Note: the Pleasure Adventure Trail will probably be open from the middle/end of June depending on the amount of residual snow. Check our weather report for the latest news!

Stations of the Pleasure Adventure Trail:

1  Welcome to the adventure-filled journey through the Pleasure World!

10 Footprints „On the Giant’s Trail“
2 The giant’s legend: „The Giant from Alpspitze“ 11 Place in the sun, massage tables „A wonderful spot“
3 Loungers, telescopes, fantasy journey „A magical view“ 12 Taste „Full Flavour“
4 Deck chairs 13 The sixth sense „Giant carrots and dark caves“
5 Hanging chair, „Stone Kingdom“, humming stone 14 Tree stones
6 Stone throne „The Throne of Stone“ 15 The Giant’s Castle
7 Stone table „The Scent of the Mountains“ 16 The caves
8 Stone labyrinth „The Labyrinth of Stone“ 17 The Fossilized Giant
9 Stone names „The true name of the Giant“ 18 „The Giant’s treasure“, The Pleasure Treasure „game of pleasure“