Adventure trails for explorers

Hiking with kids in Garmisch-Classic

The alpine landscape between the Osterfelderkopf and Kreuzeck against the striking backdrop of the Alpspitze is easily accessible even for little mountain fans. The Alpspitzbahn and Kreuzeckbahn lifts are the magic formula if you want to save your strength and fuel that spirit of adventure. The special journey of discovery begins at 2.033 metres with the Summit Adventure Trail and the well-maintained Pleasure Adventure Trail. 

Children’s imaginations often require just a little nudge to take flight. The activities on offer for families in Garmisch-Classic deliver precisely that kind of impulse. Alongside fascinating facts about the alpine flora, fauna, history and legends, the overriding intention behind the gentle, natural staging is to inspire one thing in little hikers: the joy of being out in the mountains. This sharpens all their senses to the immediate experience of nature and sensitises them to the value of unspoilt alpine habitats. But it’s not like being in school – children get to learn in the way they prefer and that works best: by seeing and understanding things themselves. 

AlpspiX & Summit Adventure trail

The Alpspitzbahn effortlessly transports families to an impressive 2,033 metres. The top station just below the summit cross on the Osterfelderkopf is the starting point for an eventful day. Right from the start there is that summit feeling from being high in the mountains, which is definitely not something children experience every day. After the panoramic views from the AlpspiX viewing platform, which projects a thousand metres above the Höllental gorge, it’s time for the Summit Adventure Trail that delights big and small alike. The pushchair-friendly, 700-metre-long circular walk conveys lots of useful information about the local flora, fauna and geology, includes a genuine cross and summit register book and allows little ones to have a go at climbing in a safe environment. 

Pleasure Adventure Trail

Flanked by the magnificent backdrop of the Wetterstein mountains, the 3-km-long Pleasure Adventure Trail winds from the top station of the Alpspitzbahn down to the top station of the Kreuzeckbahn. Visitors to the broad, well-maintained trail learn all about the legend of the wicked giant of the Alpspitze and encounter 18 lovingly designed, interactive stations along the way, which encourage them to taste, smell, feel and see. Little mountain lovers can walk in the giant’s footprints, breathe in the aroma of the mountains or feel like a giant perched on the stony throne. Sunny spots, loungers and swings invite you to linger as you make your way down the trail. Mini explorers will discover a treasure chest at the end of their journey through the giant’s kingdom, motivating them to complete the final section from the Hochalm to the Kreuzeckbahn top station. A cable car ride back down to the valley completes the family outing in the same way as it started: with a highlight.