Kandahar-Downhill Garmisch

Ride the myth

Garmisch-Partenkirchen’s history is intertwined with alpine skiing like no other German winter sports resort: The Winter Olympic Games were held here in 1936, the Alpine Ski World Cup in 1978 and 2011, World Cup events have been staged here annually since 1970 and the legendary Kandahar Race took place for the 60th time in 2013. The spectacular Kandahar-Downhill is a highlight for both spectators and participants at every major event. The Kandahar myth is kept alive by audacious athletic performances delivered over legendary sections of the course, such as the Free Fall, with an adrenalin inducing gradient of 92%.

„The Kandahar home advantage“

Where hundredths of a second are so fiercely battled over, serves also as a magnet for ambitious skiers and snowboarders, wanting to follow in the tracks of their ski heroes down to the valley. With two variants and a jaw dropping drop of 1,800 metres in altitude over only 7 km, the challenging World Cup piste (Nr. 5) is a truly unforgettable experience. Less confident skiers can simply bypass the most difficult sections, thanks to the middle station of the Kandahar-Express chairlift. And no matter how (fast) you reach the base station of the Kreuzeckbahn cable car, you can stop to enjoy a well deserved break in the stylish Kandahar 2 skibar.