Highest culinary delights

The brand-new restaurant is an excellent reason to visit the Zugspitze this summer. At an altitude of almost 3,000 m above sea level, the multifunctional restaurant is an architectural treat. It will serve typical specialities from the Alpine region, garnished with rich panoramic views.

It’s one milestone after another on Germany’s highest mountain. Following the opening of the state-of-the-art cable car Zugspitze  in December 2017, the catering side of things is currently being rebuilt from scratch. With the official opening celebrations on 1st July, these impressions – spectacular ascent and culinary delights – will merge into one outstanding overall experience. Food lovers can expect an innovative dining concept in keeping with honest fusion cuisine. Visitors to the top of the Zugspitze can choose between simple self-service or classic table service. While the restaurant as a whole bears the name “Panorama 2962”, the individual areas each have their own particular ambience for everything from a lavish meal to a quick treat. Overall, the new restaurant can seat 450 diners inside and approx. 850 outside.

Alpine treats for every taste

In reference to the impressive panoramic views of 4 countries offered by the Zugspitze, the culinary motto of the new restaurant at the top is “the best from 4 countries”. “This approach allows us to offer a broad range of dishes, satisfying the tastes of national and international guests”, declares Klaus Schanda, Marketing and Sales Manager for Bayerische Zugspitzbahn. The menu includes specialities and products from Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, showcasing the delicious variety of the Alpine region. In this context, regional means that the ingredients and inspiration come from no more than 250 km away. Whenever, possible, the chefs also focus heavily on organic and GQB (quality assured from Bavaria) certification, and on fair trade.

Panorama 2962 with five areas

The new restaurant on the Zugspitze – the name says it all – stands for the best prospects on a scenic and culinary level. The names of the individual areas are also meaningful: the open counter area, for example, is called Panorama 2962 Seeblick (lake view), as guests can look out over the picturesque Eibsee lake below. Thanks to wooden ceilings and Loden upholstery, the restaurant above the clouds conveys a delightful cosiness even at peak times. On the eastern side, floor-to-ceiling windows give guests uninterrupted views over the AlpspiX and the Zugspitze summit cross, while to the north, high tables with stools allow them to look out over the alpine upland. Aside from views of the lake, curious visitors also get a great insight into the workings of the Zugspitze cable car.

On the other side of the counter area, the Panorama 2962 Gipfelblick (summit view) offers clear views of the nearby summit cross. The cosy multifunctional space can be transformed into closed or open areas as required, thanks to sliding elements and curtains. It is the ideal venue for day trippers and for groups of up to 200. For standing functions, Panorama 2962 Gipfelblick can even host up to 500 people. This allows the Zugspitze to offer top-class concerts and events.

The adjacent Gipfelstube (summit parlour) is the only area that can be completely closed off, making it an ideal seminar or conference room. It combines contemporary style with many elements of a typical alpine parlour. Benches around the walls, classic parlour tables and chairs, tiled stove and crucifix in the corner all create an inspiring, feel-good atmosphere.

Next to the counter area, the Dallmayr Coffee Bar with lounge allows guests to relax and indulge at an altitude of almost 3,000 m above sea level, while a small pizza area with high tables and stools offers fast service. There is another coffee bar on the summit terrace if you fancy some fresh air, coffee and a sweet treat. It offers various snacks and fresh waffles, sometimes with table service. Alongside the classic seating areas on the terrace, guests can also relax on mobile lounge seating.

Eye-catcher: picture series by Ameli Neureuther

Besides the intense experience of nature and architecture, there is also time to appreciate some art. A painting in four sections grabs everyone’s attention inside the coffee bar. Specially designed for this venue, renowned illustrator Ameli Neureuther pays a colourful compliment to the wealth of recreational activities available on the Zugspitze. Neureuther, who actually grew up at the foot of this mountain, reinterprets this imagery in the style of tourism and mountain railway posters of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s – joining the long tradition of arts promotion on the Zugspitze with her commissioned work.


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