Mountain climbing by train

Ascents made easy

Despite being enthusiastic about mountains: Who really enjoys the energy sapping ascents and arduous descents? It is not only children and senior citizens that prefer to take the train in order to enjoy a more intense experience of the time spent up in alpine terrain.

Mountaineers, alpine walkers, and climbers also appreciate a quick ascent to the starting points of their tours as well as gentle, joint-friendly descents. For this reason, they are happy to complete the first and final stages of their mountain adventures with the cog wheel train and cable cars of the Bavarian Zugspitzbahn – a service that Lieutenant Joseph Naus, the first person to climb the Zugspitze in 1820, was not able to take advantage of. Nowadays, this fascinating tour through the Partnach Gorge, Reintal Valley and Zugspitze Plateau can be completed in only one day, with the help of the Bayerischen Zugspitzbahn.

And because fairness prevails amongst mountain comrades, we only charge those travelling “one way”, for a single ticket!