Open lifts

Lifts Garmisch-Classic

  • Kreuzeckbahn
    Closed due to maintenance work
  • Alpspitzbahn
    Closed due to maintenance work
  • Hochalmbahn
    Closed due to maintenance work

Attractions Garmisch-Classic

  • AlpspiX
  • Pleasure Adventure Trail
  • Summit Adventure Trail
  • Osterfelderkopf-Durchbruch-Hochalmsattel-Hochalm
  • Osterfelderkopf-Längenfeldersattel-Hochalm
  • Osterfelderkopf-Längenfeldersattel-Längenfeld-Kreuzeck
  • Osterfelderkopf-Längenfeldersattel-Hupfleitenjoch-Höllental-Hammersbach
  • Osterfelderkopf-Längenfeldersattel-Hupfleitenjoch-Kreuzeck
  • Via Ferrata: Alpspitz-Ferrata
  • Osterfelderkopf-Nordwandersteig-Aplspitze
  • Osterfelderkopf - Schöngänge - Alpspitze
  • Via ferrata: Mauerläufersteig
  • Osterfelderkopf-Durchbruch-Bernadeinweg
  • Osterfelderkopf-Rinderscharte-Höllentalangerhütte-Höllentalkamm-Hammersbach
  • Kreuzeck-Rießerkopfhütte-Kreuzeckbahn Tal

Current information

Due to the latest developments related to COVID-19 Bayerische Zugspitzbahn has closed Zugspitze and Garmisch-Classic area as of Monday, March 16th 2020.

These precautional measures are aimed at combating and limiting the spread of COVID-19 and are meant to be for the good of our guests and employees.When Zugspitze & Garmisch-Classic will go into operation again is not known at this point. The local public transport with cogwheel train and EVG busses is guaranteed between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Grainau until further notice.
We have been and still are in close contact with the local authorities and will inform you further on here on