Mountain experience for everyone

Moving body and senses

Mountain lovers’ hearts beat a little faster at Garmisch-Classic. Sometimes it is because they are indulging in an enjoyable and pulse stimulating activity. But always because of the scenic beauty and variety of mountain experiences available to visitors of all ages.

The Alpspitz Peak towers majestically over the Garmisch-Classic Region. Families with children and keen older hikers are whisked up effortlessly by the Alpspitzbahn lifts to their “Audience” with the “Jewel” of Werdenfelser Country and its unspoilt natural landscapes, with some of the most spectacular panoramic views of Germany, quiet spots and original mountain restaurants.

Sitting back and admiring the surroundings is just as good a plan as going on a long hike, climbing or paragliding. Are you ready for the rejuvenating effects at the pulse of nature?