10 rules for ski touring on pistes by the German Alpine Association

In order to avoid conflicts and the risk of accidents, the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn kindly requests ski tourers to observe the German Alpine Association (DAV) rules of conduct:
  1. Ascents and descents are made at one’s own risk and responsibility.
  2. Ascents should only be made on the outside edge of the piste (FIS-Rule Nr. 7), in single file - not next to each other. Pay attention to ski operations.
  3. Take particular care ahead of mountain crests, narrow sections, steep slopes, freezing conditions and crossing the pistes in areas of poor visibility.
  4. Under no circumstances should closed pistes be entered. Observe local sign posts and route specifications.
  5. Exercise great care and caution during piste preparation work. When cable winches are in use, the ski slopes are closed for safety reasons as there is a potential risk of death or serious injury.
  6. Only use the outer edge of prepared pistes. A working headlight and reflective clothing should be worn during the hours of darkness.
  7. Pay attention to Alpine dangers; avalanche rick in particular. No ski tours should be undertaken in areas where avalanche dispersion blasting can be expected.
  8. Ski touring should only be undertaken when there is sufficient snow. Avoid damaging plant life and topsoil.
  9. Show consideration towards wildlife. Animals are most sensitive at dusk and during the hours of darkness. Do not take dogs on the ski slopes.
  10. Respect the car parking rules and fees. Travel environmentally friendly.