Panorama 2962

Ringside seat to the mountains

The name says it all: the glass fronted Panorama 2962 welcomes you with jaw-dropping views of alpine peaks in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, Lake Eibsee and far beyond to the Alpine foothills. When visibility is good, you can even see all the way to Munich. You will find the names of towns and cities along with distances on the windows of the lounge to facilitate orientation. 

Only 10 metres below the Zugspitze peak, with which you will have intense visual contact, guests can quietly savour a cup of tea in pleasantly relaxed ambience. Our friendly service team is on hand to serve you with freshly ground, Dallmayr Zugspitze Coffee and a large assortment of cakes and pastries. So what are you waiting for? Make your way up to Panorama 2962 for a very different kind of coffee break!