BMW xDrive Cup

Experience unforgettable moments on the slopes.

The BMW xDrive Cup Highlights do not only bring you joy on the slopes; you can relive your experiences over and over again by accessing the pictures and films online. That way you can record your personal altitude best performances as well as special moments on the slopes.


Where pleasure plays the lead: Your BMW xDrive Skimovie.

This is what worldcup-stars look like: we film your slalom run on the BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie slope from the start to the finish line. Afterwards you can download your personal Skimovie including timing on our website. All you have to do is register with your skipass at the start, wait for the signal and enjoy – first your run and then your movie.




BMW xDrive Cup – The winter competition.

The BMW xDrive Cup Season 2016/2017 starts on December 1, 2016. You can expect numerous attractive prizes and lots of fun on the slopes in selected BMW xDrive Cup Ski-resorts. Collect 9 different Badges by e.g. buying a skipass, taking part at the Skimovie slalom run or  going night skiing - just to name a few. For more information on BMW xDrive Cup and its experiences please go to

BMW xDrive Cup – The Prizes.

The BMW xDrive Cup is unique – and offers thrice the chances of winning. All participants having collected at least 15 Badges until 30.04.2017 will automatically take part in the season’s prize draw for a brand new BMW X1. Furthermore, all participants having collected at least 5 Badges within one month will take part in the monthly prize draw with the chance of winning a pair of exclusive K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride Skis. The participant having collected most Badges between 01.12.2016 and 01.04.2017 will be the lucky winner of a BMW Ice Perfection Training in Sweden. Look forward to an unforgettable training at the polar circle to perfect your driving skills on snow and ice as well as all the other great experiences, which are waiting for you at the BMW xDrive Cup 2016/2017. For more information concerning the prizes please go to