The Pinnacle of Good Taste

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There is another good reason to glide up to the Zugspitz from 1st July 2018 onwards: its brand new mountain gastronomy.  In addition to an architectural feast for the eyes heavily garnished with panoramic views, three restaurants will be serving culinary highlights from the alpine region.

“Nothing will be as it was”, reveals Steffen Korff, Economic Director of Bayerischen Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG, about the impending state-of-the-art dining standards and innovative kitchen concept. An open hybrid gastronomy concept is planned, in which visitors can choose between an open-plan self-service option, or classic table service. Visitors will have three restaurants with three diversely defined ambiences at their disposal, as well as an area dedicated to fast food, which can all accommodate a total of ca. 450 guests inside and ca. 850 outside.

Four times the best

In keeping with the impressive views over four countries from the Zugspitze, the culinary theme of the new summit gastronomy is simply, "The best of 4 countries”. "This approach allows us to offer a wide range of dishes that will delight national and international guests," says Klaus Schanda, Marketing and Sales Manager at BZB. Specialties and products from Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany illustrate the delicious diversity of the alpine region on the menus. Regional, in this case, means that ingredients and inspiration come from within a radius of 250 km. Wherever possible, the kitchen managers lay great emphasis on using organic and GQB (certified Bavarian quality) products, as well as Fair Trade.

Dinner is served! But where exactly?

As it is best suited to the Zugspitz experience, the new summit restaurant also bears the name “Panorama 2962”. It stands for the best prospects - both in a visual and culinary sense - at almost 3,000 metres above sea level. The names given to the individual areas of this culinary ensemble are also significant: The open counter area on one side is aptly named, Panorama 2962 Seeblick (Lake View), from where guests can look down over the picturesque Eibsee Lake. Even when things are busy, timber ceilings and leather upholstery lend a pleasant ambience to this alpine guesthouse, high above the cloud-line. Floor to ceiling windows reveal views of AlpspiX and the Zugspitz summit cross. Towards the north, bar tables with stools invite visitors to enjoy the view of the alpine foothills.

Panorama 2962 Gipfelblick (Summit View) on the other side, offers exactly what its name suggests. Depending on requirements, areas of this welcoming and multi-functional guesthouse can be transformed into open or closed zones by means of sliding elements and curtains. Day guests will feel just as much at home here as groups of up to 200 persons. The venue is also perfect for hosting concerts and parties.

The neighbouring Gipfelstube Lounge can be used as an entirely separate area and is therefore ideally suited as a seminar and conference room. Many of its elements are quintessentially alpine, yet with a contemporary twist. Wrap-round bench seating, a classic dining table and chairs, traditional wood-burning stove and corner shrine create an inspiring ambience of well-being.

Next to the counter area, a coffee bar with lounge invites you to indulge in its relaxed atmosphere at almost 3,000 m above sea level, while a small pizza area with bar tables and stools promises quick refreshment. If you are in the mood for fresh air, coffee and sweet treats, you need look no further than Germany's highest coffee bar on the summit terrace, where diverse snacks and fresh waffles are available, sometimes even with table service. In addition to the classic seating areas on the terrace, mobile lounge seating furniture invites guests to relax.

Joyful anticipation without sacrifice

After the spectacular launch of the new cable car, the next highlight for Zugspitze visitors is just around the corner. No concessions need to be made while expansion works on the new summit restaurants are in full swing. The Sonnalpin Glacier Restaurant, Gletschergarten and Supppenkar, namely, all offer the finest culinary delights at the Zugspitzplatt until the new eateries open on 1st July 2018.

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