Germany’s highest mountain experience

Welcome to the peak of happiness!

The Zugspitze. The Garmisch-Classic Area. Mount Wank: no other region in Germany can offer the same alpine adventures as these snow covered mountain landscapes around Garmisch-Partenkirchen. No other point in the federal territory is higher than the 2,962 metre high Zugspitze Peak. And no other place can compete with the sheer number of peaks crammed into the 360°panoramic view. Where else can you see 400 mountain peaks in four countries from one just vantage point? High above the clouds and far away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life, visitors revel in the fabulous downhill runs on the Zugspitze glacier, tobogganing on natural snow runs, glacial romance at the Igloo Village and much, much more.

Winter fans will find mountains of opportunity to indulge in alpine adventures in the Garmisch-Classic Area and on Mount Wank. Hovering over an abyss of an almost 1,000 metre vertical drop, the AlpspiX viewing platform will certainly give adrenalin junkies what they are looking for. And at the foot of the Alpspitze, the „Jewel in the crown of Werdenfelser Land“, will evoke a similar sense of elation with its inviting ski slopes and winter hiking routes. 

The mountain railways of Bayerische Zugspitzbahn whisk you up to a superlative mountain experience!